Now, my dear secularist, we live at the peak of the twenty-first century

We have climbed the evolutionary latter so high that we can only go down

But acknowledging that would be foolishness as man wants to reach the status of the deity

Are you surprised to hear me say that Adam want’s El ELYON’s crown?

Now, I have already addressed his innate polytheistic tendencies

But this as taken a tragic twist as the world has turned atheistic

Refusing to offer up sacrifices to Moloch in form of babies

For man is now too evolved and learned, and all his ways are heuristic

Refusing to serve as male priests at the altar of the goddess Isis

Tis all ancient, savage, uncivilized, pagan idiocy

In his imaginary race to the throne, he is absolutely blinded to his own discrepancies

The same ones that are really leading him to his imminent death

In this, he is greatly confused; directing all his worship to self 

Those errors are made manifest in every structure of his society

May it be political or social, every decision is predisposed to an evil mentality

Go for a drive and you will see a conflicting demand to COEXIST

If you refuse to submit to a certain multicolored flag, you will be put on a blacklist

Roles are confused; those elected to lead countries also desire the head chair in homes 

“Chose the winning side of history”. Stop following principles from an ancient book and its syndromes 

-Benny Kiza

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