Unless you have already forgotten, my dear friend secularist
The twenty-first century has witnessed your naturally good man on full display
This era saw an innocent baby from Austria turn his neighbor into a prey
And a man to whom the love for his neighbor turned him into a fascist
You said those were exceptions and you met with your friends to find solutions
In order to prevent another from vile illusions, and came up with the united nations
To work economically and socially; improving human rights, reducing global conflicts
And you fixed the problem, I can attest that the world is no longer ruled by lunatics
To prove my point I can direct you to the not so well-known Second Congo war
Decades after forming your solution, a place in Africa had five million deaths
But that information is kept underground as it shames you to the core
There were things more important to tackle, on this, you couldn’t lose your breath
But I don’t want to bother you much with our family tree
Let us just move on as after all, it’s just history

-Benny Kiza

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