Benjamin Martin

My fellow compatriots!
The age of tyrants have past
Who know not if this was the work of destiny or if lots were cast
But we know that men with vision of grandeur are now things of the past
We are now equally united under one Flag
They say the world is ruled by one man
But really, who can claim to have all the facts?
All we have is what we see
And what I see is that I am free,
We are free!
In the midst of a war on terrorists
We are free!
Global disasters and a moral revolution
We are free!
We are free and we need to keep our freedom
Even if the winds of changes have blown on us
I will still stand for us, here on the hill 


Are those words sarcastic?
Are you conceiving words to sparkle an awareness of this economy and its corruption?  Or are these words acrobatic;
Stretching reality and jumping straight to some conclusion
Or maybe these words are just fantastic
An arrangement of words that makes you looks smart
And leave us in deep confusion
They came, they saw and they conquered
Millennials have past, but we still see their works
Still taking the world to some unseen and unheard frontiers
We continue to discover new technologies
Some for our benefits but many lead to catastrophes
Why should we follow you?
What makes you different?
There is a way forward and it is my philosophy

Gaius Julius

My dear friends!
I am not asking you to follow me
Far from that idea I stand!
I am asking that we continue the path of our forefather
Romulus’ voice was once heard
I want ours to be even louder
Our nation is growing
And we are losing control of our children
Our resources are overflowing
But we are choosing among ourselves villains
We need someone to lead this growing nation
For divided we conceal ourselves to inaction
Let us vote brothers!

-Benny Kiza

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