“Much Has been Forgotten”

O you mighty and proud secularist
Before I say anything, did you know that you used to call my people Atheist?
So polytheistic were you that my One and Living God was for you nullified
But now “times have changed” and in your emptiness you are satisfied
Beating on your chest, you cry “long live the heathen!”
And you think that the world is finally free from that myth of Eden
We are now living through a new enlightenment; The ultimate progressivism
Science, technology, economic development, and social organization
All have reached such heights that ancient practices are viewed as barbarism
Unlike the Aztecs, you don’t offer up our children in sacrifices to vain idols
Unlike the ancient Greeks, you don’t accept same sex practices take over marital roles
You are civilized and won’t let some primitive practices and beliefs stop the progress
Repeat it, and repeat it again, the gospel of progressivism will keep you from regress

-Benny Kiza

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