From the greatest height to the lowest depth
Chokmah’s chants of love are heeded
For Joy, Love and Freedom fills her breath
Thus unto the earth a grain of hope seeded
“If music be food for love play on”
Words spoken by the poet in days long gone
And wiser words from him, I find none
But lady Chokmah offers more than melody
She has given us much more as remedy
“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game”
The adrenaline pumping as you aim
Your heart beating out of your chest
As you are about to release your very best
Lady Chokmah offers more than sports
This world stocks treasures of all sorts
But we have lost our desires for discovery
Our wild hearts hath fallen under luxury
Lust for adventure hid in absolute adultery

Be set free! Live, Love
Be free! Live Life, Love

-Benny Kiza

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