The poem

Hair just like the sun
Eyes just like the ocean
The sound of a great waterfall for voice
And a smile that takes your breath away

The reaction

A bundle of atomic explosions, is that sun
Wide, deep, strange and dark is the ocean
Death results after your breath goes away
Also when jumping off a great waterfall.
The poets saw the first lines and rejoiced
For the scientists, to flee was the choice

The explanation

But what was in the writer’s mind
Hair, Eyes, Smile, and voice
All belongs to the living kind
So let’s hear of words his choice
The Sun, Ocean, and waterfalls are majestic
They aspire a sense of beauty and fear
The breath was a gift from God
Making our claim to His image authentic
Whose smile can be to us so dear? 

The writer

Clearly the writer is speaking of a person
If the writer is man, then of woman
And if the writer is woman, then of man
One would say he/she is an idolater
Clearly spiritual adulterer
Such devotion only belongs to one greater
Doesn’t creation only points to Creator?
But the writer can also be just a writer
Using power and fear to talk about her
Worshiping God in using creation to describe the beauty he sees in his lover

-Benny Kiza

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