Musings of normal Christians going through life expressed via poetry and other media. Normal people discussing matters of faith, life, theology, hope, sin, repentance and joy.


Our Writing...

“Doth not all nature around me praise God?  If I were silent, I should be an exception to the universe.  Doth not the thunder praise Him as it rolls like drums in the march of the God of armies?  Do not the mountains praise Him when the woods upon their summits wave in adoration?  Does not the lightning write His name in letters of fire?  Hath not the whole earth a voice?  And shall I, can I, silent be?”
-Charles H. Spurgeon

We write about the truth about God and His works as revealed in scriptures.

We write songs of worship for who He his and what He has done for us.

We write about this journey  of life and how we put into practice the 

We have a passion for Adam’s race’ story, and we write about it.

How can we talk about life without talking about love.

We use our knowledge and imagination to created worlds, characters and events.

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