In the beginning, was the Light.
But all was dark and cold.
At the beginning for His delight,
He summoned sky, ocean, valley and wold.
For the beginning was the night,
When the Light started the world.

The cold and darkness whisked away,
That we may behold the first of days,
And came the second and the third,
Made by the sound of His Word.
Then came the fourth, fifth and sixth,
Brought into the fold by Light which exists 

Yet the night returned and days reduced.
Sin had earned, its fruits produced.
For the creation had learned,
And the darkness re-introduced.
For that which they learned,
Brought forth pain and fatally bruised.

So the Light came down…

“…Cast the darkness away
He appeared
A helpless child
The light of God came to save us
To the world that He made us
O’ Lord and savior
Alleluia” Josh Garrels