Elias’ Random Thoughts

I know its hard but try to imagine growing up with homosexual attraction. Normally dudes would be looking at Jasmine but instead your drawn to Aladdin. "What's wrong with this? Why torment kids? Its their orientation! Don't give them fits." That's what the minority thinks, media and school boards on board with this. "Hide it

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Current Events: Tyranny

They foresaw its danger thus built a republic But they still took the writings on the wall for granted, Eventually “by the people, for the people” became a relic So Caesar seized the day and supreme control was granted!  They will speak of a greater evil And we will call unity against a common enemy

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Some Days I Think

I can't think. This world's a blur. I hate their sickness. I hate their cure. Such was I, no amateur. I still hate their pretty package of manure. Sin is dumb. The world's stupid. Get out of my face, you're worthless. But then I'm reminded that Christians are salt and light: Salt to prevent the

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Heaven Begun

Who could have ever imagined the depths He would descend? From His Father's home, Father's throne, angels' gaze, heaven's dome, down, down, to the nether regions, home of men and Legions. Humble, He, to shame the mighty; meek at heart, not sightly. Further still now descends He down, bearing cross, wearing crown. Up He gets

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Pensive, regrets and longing While a Will Reagan sings on the radio Only hanging on the thread of belonging Will you regain yourself at this ratio?  Time has passed since you last felt It has been ages since you last knelt  You turn the corner and arrive at your destination The engine has stopped but

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The Cry of the New Nature

Like Paul of old I got life in my soul, put off the old, crucified to the world. This is definitive but there is the progressive, and with holiness I intend to be aggressive. I want to be purer than a Puritan, and dead to sin like perfect tense. My members yield as instruments, not

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