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The Incarnation and the Humility of God

The Humility of Christ in the Incarnation The message of Christmas, of the Incarnation of Christ, is a story of great humility. The Incarnation of Christ was the “in-fleshment” of the Son of God, the

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What scene can't she capture with her pencil and art? She draws green and azure, the whole from the part.

The Light Came Down

In the beginning, was the Light. But all was dark and cold. At the beginning for His delight, He summoned


Mind, the, T! What is up with thee? We all have Total Depravity. Ever since Adam ate from the tree a scar is left in humanity. We're walking dead, a worldly course, cuz from God's life we've been divorced. We have no life, and born with guilt, obliged to pay,

11th Anniversary Retrospect

Time flies like an arrow to its mark, and our quiver holds one hand full. Its like yesterday we disembarked, didn't think it would speed up at all. Time seemed still for a while, still does, till pictures bring betrayals, details, blessings, the memories God gives us, us - one

Is This All in Vain?

Years gone, yet frozen in time Seeking for things done That which is mine Trying to forget the root Which is my present crime holding my glassy flute I enter the shrine I am a player who has paid the price I have seen the danger and wanted out But


This is just psychology, staring at me stare at me, mirror full of empathy, mirror that is empty. People think some really twisted things when lack of sleep is applied to their brains, when at night they hear the memory of screams, and think they're near, invading their dreams. Real

The Light Came Down

In the beginning, was the Light. But all was dark and cold. At the beginning for His delight, He summoned sky, ocean, valley and wold. For the beginning was the night, When the Light started the world. The cold and darkness whisked away, That we may behold the first of


He alone can separatethe wheat from the reprobate,bring the wicked to their fate,all whose lust they aggravate. Let them grow now, let them wait,reapers will unveil the blade.They cause sin, His laws they break.Hell is what they can't escape.On that Day, the aggregateof sinners will evaporate,in a fire, a fire


Disapproved, debased mind; dishonorable, defiling passions. These things biblically define what's inside gays n' lesbians. God offers undeniable proof of His immortal existence, but they suppress, exchange the truth and exchange natural relations. Though intuitively known, God's righteous law embedded, they proudly approve their own - death is where they're


I dance around you, yet unseen I sing with my actions, yet unheard, So I get your attention by absurd means For you only respond when I make a scene  We are often treated like children Confined to limit the perceived uncouth Yes, you have treated us with a building


I gaze across the deadened plains No sign of life, no sound of breeze Within the brook, no brook remains No birds are singing in the trees All nature awaits a soothing balm Some small relief to the parched terrain Then far off though the deadly calm I hear the

Elias’ Random Thoughts

I know its hard but try to imagine growing up with homosexual attraction. Normally dudes would be looking at Jasmine but instead your drawn to Aladdin. "What's wrong with this? Why torment kids? Its their orientation! Don't give them fits." That's what the minority thinks, media and school boards on

Current Events: Tyranny

They foresaw its danger thus built a republic But they still took the writings on the wall for granted, Eventually “by the people, for the people” became a relic So Caesar seized the day and supreme control was granted!  They will speak of a greater evil And we will call