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The Cost of Liberty

There is a general principle of life that has become increasingly important to me (especially over the past year): Almost nothing that is valuable can be acquired without a corresponding cost. I say “almost nothing”

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Sovereign over the storm; maintaining the natural norm. Sovereign over the helm; ordering the affairs of men. Sovereign over the


Disapproved, debased mind; dishonorable, defiling passions. These things biblically define what's inside gays n' lesbians. God offers undeniable proof of


I gaze across the deadened plains No sign of life, no sound of breeze Within the brook, no brook remains

Heaven Begun

Who could have ever imagined the depths He would descend? From His Father's home, Father's throne, angels' gaze, heaven's dome, down, down, to the nether regions, home of men and Legions. Humble, He, to shame the mighty; meek at heart, not sightly. Further still now descends He down, bearing cross,


Pensive, regrets and longing While a Will Reagan sings on the radio Only hanging on the thread of belonging Will you regain yourself at this ratio?  Time has passed since you last felt It has been ages since you last knelt  You turn the corner and arrive at your destination

The Cry of the New Nature

Like Paul of old I got life in my soul, put off the old, crucified to the world. This is definitive but there is the progressive, and with holiness I intend to be aggressive. I want to be purer than a Puritan, and dead to sin like perfect tense. My

The Nine Worthies: The Christians

King Arthur The legend of a perfect monarchy More than David and his mighty men The Engine of a perfect democracy Thus, ‘Twas too good to escape the pen  Charlemagne  His sword forged through Frankish fire King of the Franks, King of the Lombards A crown gained through a Frankish


The Race of Man born of the earth Proud and hardened humankind So sinful from our very birth Corrupted heart and soul and mind Abide we in our realm of sod Delight we in our frame of clay Dead in our deeds our spirits flawed Perfection came to make a

The New Normal

Its a brave new world, the year's nineteen-eighty-four, and the Fahrenheit's higher than its ever been be-451. The news speaks daily to the "raging" pandemic, so you can all live safely in a monitored planet. The worst kind of lies are the ones that seem true, and if you question

Spiritual Adultery

Idolatry and adultery are not so far from each other. Its the substitution of the Fountain of living waters for broken cisterns - absolutely useless - or your fountain of youth for mere illusions. They go hand in hand, both using images, and excite your expectations and ambitions. Once allured