Like Paul of old I got life in my soul,
put off the old, crucified to the world.
This is definitive but there is the progressive,
and with holiness I intend to be aggressive.
I want to be purer than a Puritan,
and dead to sin like perfect tense.
My members yield as instruments,
not to sin, but obedience.
It’s impossible to be consistently holy,
with mind set above and heart so lowly;
were it not for grace and its possibilities
we’d be sinking under responsibilities.
I want to be way more godly than I am,
to follow close wherever goes the Lamb.
Steeped in the means of grace, controlled inside,
offered to God as a living sacrifice,
the personal instrument of the Holy Spirit,
sanctified in body, soul, and spirit.
Reawaken my passion for Your glory,
raise my heart from the house of mourning,
give invincible evidence to my heart
that I am yours and You will never part.
Raise my affections as high as can be
with nothing but what they ought to be –
the truth, the truth! that set me free,
and thus let me pass into eternity!