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What scene can't she capture with her pencil and art? She draws green and azure, the whole from the part. Her heart is full, like the sun, of light-beams and heat. To her wood desk they come, at her paper they meet. Wildflowers, dandelions, so real they're edible. Camomile, columbine, sweet peas with tendrils. Her

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You on Judgment Day

So, you're a typical human, sinner, defiled, unregenerate, son of Belial, let me tell you what you're in for, Christ is comin' again, forget world war, whether you were raised in the hood or baptized in Huggies, thinkin' you're good, living in a manse or a mansion, you're worse than you imagine. When that day

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This is just psychology, staring at me stare at me, mirror full of empathy, mirror that is empty. People think some really twisted things when lack of sleep is applied to their brains, when at night they hear the memory of screams, and think they're near, invading their dreams. Real or not, it isn't likeable,

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He alone can separatethe wheat from the reprobate,bring the wicked to their fate,all whose lust they aggravate. Let them grow now, let them wait,reapers will unveil the blade.They cause sin, His laws they break.Hell is what they can't escape.On that Day, the aggregateof sinners will evaporate,in a fire, a fire so great,but remain as animate.

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Sovereign over the storm; maintaining the natural norm. Sovereign over the helm; ordering the affairs of men. Sovereign over the wild; leading beasts by the hand of a child. Sovereign over the when, timing the now, not yet, and then. Sovereign over the state; raising men to serve in the gate. Sovereign over the church;

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Disapproved, debased mind; dishonorable, defiling passions. These things biblically define what's inside gays n' lesbians. God offers undeniable proof of His immortal existence, but they suppress, exchange the truth and exchange natural relations. Though intuitively known, God's righteous law embedded, they proudly approve their own - death is where they're headed. Nature teaches there is

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Elias’ Random Thoughts

I know its hard but try to imagine growing up with homosexual attraction. Normally dudes would be looking at Jasmine but instead your drawn to Aladdin. "What's wrong with this? Why torment kids? Its their orientation! Don't give them fits." That's what the minority thinks, media and school boards on board with this. "Hide it

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Some Days I Think

I can't think. This world's a blur. I hate their sickness. I hate their cure. Such was I, no amateur. I still hate their pretty package of manure. Sin is dumb. The world's stupid. Get out of my face, you're worthless. But then I'm reminded that Christians are salt and light: Salt to prevent the

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Heaven Begun

Who could have ever imagined the depths He would descend? From His Father's home, Father's throne, angels' gaze, heaven's dome, down, down, to the nether regions, home of men and Legions. Humble, He, to shame the mighty; meek at heart, not sightly. Further still now descends He down, bearing cross, wearing crown. Up He gets

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