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What scene can't she capture with her pencil and art? She draws green and azure, the whole from the part. Her heart is full, like the sun, of light-beams and heat. To her wood desk they come, at her paper they meet. Wildflowers, dandelions, so real they're edible. Camomile, columbine, sweet peas with tendrils. Her

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Sovereign over the storm; maintaining the natural norm. Sovereign over the helm; ordering the affairs of men. Sovereign over the wild; leading beasts by the hand of a child. Sovereign over the when, timing the now, not yet, and then. Sovereign over the state; raising men to serve in the gate. Sovereign over the church;

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Disapproved, debased mind; dishonorable, defiling passions. These things biblically define what's inside gays n' lesbians. God offers undeniable proof of His immortal existence, but they suppress, exchange the truth and exchange natural relations. Though intuitively known, God's righteous law embedded, they proudly approve their own - death is where they're headed. Nature teaches there is

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I gaze across the deadened plains No sign of life, no sound of breeze Within the brook, no brook remains No birds are singing in the trees All nature awaits a soothing balm Some small relief to the parched terrain Then far off though the deadly calm I hear the sound of the coming rain

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The Nine Worthies: The Jews

Joshua Child from the chosen generation And God’s judgement on Canaan Trained by Moses on his mission He purged the promised land from pagans  King David The man after God’s heart He who wears the royal ring  He found Zion in part And turned it into the city of Kings  Judas Maccabee A priest, a warrior, but no king He heard the cries of Zion When

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