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I dance around you, yet unseen I sing with my actions, yet unheard, So I get your attention by absurd means For you only respond when I make a scene  We are often treated like children Confined to limit the perceived uncouth Yes, you have treated us with a building Yet you don’t have to

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Current Events: Tyranny

They foresaw its danger thus built a republic But they still took the writings on the wall for granted, Eventually “by the people, for the people” became a relic So Caesar seized the day and supreme control was granted!  They will speak of a greater evil And we will call unity against a common enemy

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Pensive, regrets and longing While a Will Reagan sings on the radio Only hanging on the thread of belonging Will you regain yourself at this ratio?  Time has passed since you last felt It has been ages since you last knelt  You turn the corner and arrive at your destination The engine has stopped but

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Pastor James Coates is still in Jail for Refusing to Close His Church

Pastor James Coates is the first Canadian pastor jailed for hosting a Church service in non-cooperation with Alberta’s health rules. The Edmonton pastor was taken to the Edmonton Remand Centre wearing wrist and ankle cuffs. His crime? Refusing to comply with the Government's COVID-19 restrictions specific to church services. The preaching style at GraceLife Church

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The Nine Worthies: The Jews

Joshua Child from the chosen generation And God’s judgement on Canaan Trained by Moses on his mission He purged the promised land from pagans  King David The man after God’s heart He who wears the royal ring  He found Zion in part And turned it into the city of Kings  Judas Maccabee A priest, a warrior, but no king He heard the cries of Zion When

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