Pensive, regrets and longing
While a Will Reagan sings on the radio
Only hanging on the thread of belonging
Will you regain yourself at this ratio? 

Time has passed since you last felt
It has been ages since you last knelt 

You turn the corner and arrive at your destination
The engine has stopped but your mind goes on
You have learned how to cover up your heart’s palpitations
But this time truly, something is wrong  

It has been a while since you felt your resting heart rate
But you do feel when under compulsions from some R-rates 

It’s raining outside but you don’t want to go in
Like riding a bicycle, this all becomes natural
When pain and pleasure comes from within
The cold raindrops suddenly become thermal 

It has been a while since you breathed
It has been ages since you lived 

You are crushed by the weight of your actions
Yet motivated by the fear of losing everything
Nothing and no one will take away this tension
Darkness is all that you feel, so you cling.