I dance around you, yet unseen
I sing with my actions, yet unheard,
So I get your attention by absurd means
For you only respond when I make a scene 

We are often treated like children
Confined to limit the perceived uncouth
Yes, you have treated us with a building
Yet you don’t have to play the sleuth 

We once danced the same dance
We once sang the same song
Why did I not get your chance
How did things get so wrong? 

Do you understand what goes on under the bridge?
The level of hopelessness that one can reach? 

I cover my head under a blanket
While completely starving
This toxic fog is my only banquet
And I feel my hunger morphing
It has been days, that I have been dazed
And that is good because I have forgotten 

I am now forgotten and invincible
That makes me invisible