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Un-Breaking “News” – Sunday March 14, 2021

In a stunning show of defiance against Jesus Christ, provincial media outlets continue to rail against GraceLife Church of Edmonton which, for the 4th Sunday since the arrest of Pastor James Coates, continued to meet normally in a manner eerily reminiscent of the year 2019. GraceLife Church openly declares its position on the interpretation of scripture

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Pastor James Coates is still in Jail for Refusing to Close His Church

Pastor James Coates is the first Canadian pastor jailed for hosting a Church service in non-cooperation with Alberta’s health rules. The Edmonton pastor was taken to the Edmonton Remand Centre wearing wrist and ankle cuffs. His crime? Refusing to comply with the Government's COVID-19 restrictions specific to church services. The preaching style at GraceLife Church

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OPINION: Albertans, we need to love our neighbours by accepting the cost of liberty.

GraceLife Church has been in a standoff with Alberta health authorities for a few months now. The church has been quietly meeting for near-normal Sunday worship since June of 2020. In a public statement, released on February 7, the church explains its stance and appeals to fellow Albertans. Recently, things have escalated, leading to the

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