Inter-millennialism: A New and Better Name for A Good, Old Doctrine

Revelation 20 Contrary to the alpha privative (a-) prefixed to the millennialism that holds to a real millennium, Amillennialism holds to a real millennium. Those with the pre- prefixed to their millennialism immediately shout down this first statement, since the millennium envisioned in Amillennialism is not a literal millennium, and hence, is not a millennium

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Stuff Kenney Says Special Presentation on the Anniversary of Pastor James Coates’ Arrest

The audio/video version of this can be found on the Stuff Kenney Said Facebook page or on Youtube. One year ago the government of Alberta, led by Premier Jason Thomas Kenney, had established legislation that AHS and the RCMP utilized to have my Pastor arrested. Pastor James Coates was the first Pastor arrested, as far

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Being a Christian Activist in 2022

We must be so wise about who we associate with and what we are attaching ourselves to in these evil days. Sisters and brothers in the Lord, please don’t get caught up in movements that appeal to the flesh. Even if *your* motivations for participating are sincere and rooted in truth, those who put forth

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Every Child Matters

Disturbing News and Historical Reckoning In late May of 2021, the disturbing news broke of 215 child remains discovered at a former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia. This news comes after several years of discussion, research, and raised awareness of the legacy of residential schools in Canada, forwarded by the federal Truth and

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Is the Government Response to Covid-19 Tyrannical?

We all agreed to shut our schools down, close our businesses, move our church services online, and wait for further notice from the government. These actions were definitely out of a sense of fear, believably out of love for our neighbours, probably out of a sense of patriotism, and possibly with anticipatory obedience.

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The Christmas Contrast

The story of Christmas is one of stark contrast. In both the event of the Incarnation and the history of the holiday to commemorate it, very different things are brought into close proximity. Whether from gnostic philosophy, rigorous pietists, or totalitarian regimes, Christmas celebrations have been a continual source of criticism and controversy since the

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