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One year ago the government of Alberta, led by Premier Jason Thomas Kenney, had established legislation that AHS and the RCMP utilized to have my Pastor arrested.

Pastor James Coates was the first Pastor arrested, as far as I know, in Western civilization, during the so-called pandemic for refusing to restrict the God-given (not government-granted) rights of the congregation.

The Premier of Alberta, his Minister for Justice, his Minister for Health, the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta, and every. single. speechless. complacent member of the UCP made Alberta an international disgrace and absolutely *destroyed* any credibility or claim to “following teh sCiEnCe™️” that they had.

To this day, the Alberta government has not apologized for trying to destroy the Church community of GraceLife. And they did indeed try.

Soon after Pastor James was released from a *five-week* stay in the Edmonton Remand Centre, the Alberta government directed an enforcement move against GraceLife Church property. Our building was TRIPLE FENCED, patrolled 24/7 by both RCMP AND a private security company.

As a congregation, we were forced to meet in secret for many, many weeks. In Canada — an underground Church. Why? Because we were not obeying the irrational and society destroying dictates of a government that is *today* admitting that the vaccines are not as efficacious as they tried to brainwash us to believe. A lot of time, effort, and money went into a marketing campaign to tell you that you’re too stupid to make up your own mind and that if you ever wanted to see your kid’s soccer game or birthday party again, or if you ever wanted to go to a wedding or other large social event ever again, you needed to get the “jab.”

Recently, it has been uncovered that Alberta Health Services put together a report by September of 2020 citing all sorts of research and giving recommendations about how the government messaging could manipulate and coerce you into complying with their “jab” agenda. That report is called the “Covid-19 Scientific Advisory Group Rapid Evidence Report, Topic: Attitudes and Adherence to Covid-19 Guidelines.” This is a 63-page report generated by the people supplying the “jabs” (AHS) to give to the government as a way to give recommendations on how the politicians can use the media and political platforms to target specific segments of the population to pressure those segments into obedience.

The Premier is pretending that he wants to lift restrictions because he’s “following the science.” He’s not being honest. He, and all the other deceptive leaders who are back peddling, are seeking to lift restrictions because they no longer see them as politically useful.

Yet, there is no single elected official, with the power to do so, who will work to legislatively remove their power to destroy our society via “health” orders or other “temporary” emergency powers. Why? Because they, like our Prime Minister, want to be able to exercise outrageous authority over the minutiae of your day-to-day lives if they feel it will be politically expedient to do so.

Premier Kenney is no better than Prime Minister Trudeau. They are both more than willing to leverage whatever laws on the books they can to escape negative press, to escape consequences for their actions, and to force you to do something you probably didn’t want to do if you were allowed to make a choice without government propaganda campaigns. But what makes Jason Kenney worse than Prime Minister Trudeau is that Premier Kenney used to say things that wholly contradict the person he has become. Justin Trudeau, in this strange way, is far less of a hypocrite than Jason Kenney.

I will close this video by demonstrating the immense hypocrisy of Premier Jason Thomas Kenney by quoting his own words. These are all things he ostensibly believed prior to his coming to Alberta. This is nowhere near close to everything I have found that the current Premier has stated in the past, but this is a good sampling. Judge for yourselves if the man who uttered these words across two decades in Parliament is the same person sitting in power in Alberta today. Do not forget the context of the last two years and do not think that Covid is and was some sort of magic wand that allows one to eschew claimed convictions they used to get elected. Either he believed these things, but now he does not because Covid changed his thinking, or he never believed these things and Covid exposed him. You can find links to these under this video.

  • On March 16th, 1998, Jason Kenney spoke in Parliament about proposed amendments to Canada’s labour code. He said:
    • We ought to look at bills like this at the level of first principles. So often we get buried in the details of technical amendments like this and we lose sight of first principles. One of the principles of liberal democracy is freedom. I know it is a quaint notion to some of my friends opposite on occasion. However, that notion dictates that people cannot be coerced by the state to surrender their freedoms without their consent.
  • On April 21st, 1998, Jason Kenney entered into a debate about the standing orders of the day and gave his opinion on democracy in Canada. He said:
    • I would characterize the state of democracy in Canada as a crisis. Democracy in Canada, as democracy is conventionally understood, is imperilled not by any great spectre of tyranny or state totalitarianism but rather by the slow, creeping incremental gathering of power and authority by the executive and judicial branches of government at the expense of the legislative branch, the democratic branch, and particularly that branch of government as manifest in the House of Commons. The history of parliament, the history of the development of this institution, reaches back over a millennium. The privileges which we here exercise, the right to speak on behalf of our constituents, on behalf of the subjects of the Queen, on behalf of the citizens of our country, are duties and privileges which people have shed blood to secure. Battles have been fought, wars have been waged and men and women have died in order to secure the liberties which this institution represents. That conflict which has carried over a period of centuries was really a conflict between the authority of the executive branch of government and the democratic privileges and liberties of common people as represented in their democratic assembly.”
    • HE ALSO SAID THE FOLLOWING IN THE SAME SPEECH: It has become a truism in this country to refer to our form of government as one of electing five year, temporary dictatorships. That is not just the words of partisans in the heat of debate, that is a sentiment expressed by many eminent political scientists, jurists and members of this place both now and in the past few decades.
    • AND ALSO: As we all know very well, there is never such a thing as a free vote for members of the government. There is always a party line with the government. Notes are always taken by the whip’s office about how members vote. If they hope as a backbench rookie to become a parliamentary secretary or, heaven forbid, a minister, if they hope to get a fruitful position on a committee in which they have interest, then they must toe the party line. It need not be that way.
  • On February 27th, 2002, Jason Kenney rose to speak about a bill concerning international trade, and he spoke about China’s religious policies:
    • The Chinese constitution ostensibly permits freedom of religion but only for those who practise religion in institutions, that is, in churches formally recognized and ordained by the state which itself excludes most people of faith who refuse to allow their faith to be exercised under the ambit of the state. Let us make no mistake about why this is. We are talking about a communist regime whose official creed is atheism. It has an official established religion, and that is the rejection and denial of God. When individuals choose to assert their relationship to God, the government intervenes, crushes them, arrests them, throws them into forced labour camps or throws them into prison.
    • On May 22nd, 2002, Mr. Kenney spoke to a Bill called C-56 also called the “Assisted Human Reproduction Act.” This is what then MP Kenney stated about human life and what happens when “experts” and legislators interfere:
      • The agency would not report to parliament but only to the minister. The minister’s power of delegation to the agency would be considerable. Clause 32 allows the minister to delegate any agency decision to individual members of the agency. One person, therefore, could be called upon to make a grave moral choice on behalf of all Canadians. Clause 25 allows the minister to give the agency policy directives at any time, which it must implement and which would be kept secret. This committee is being charged with dealing with some of the most important ethical challenges imaginable. I do not believe that matters of great moral import like this should simply be left to self-interested experts to decide. Yes, experts may have great technical expertise, but their intense involvement with issues in many cases makes them blind to the common moral sense of society.
      • AND ALSO: “We all know the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele and the hideous experiments he performed on Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz. This is perhaps an extreme but it is an extreme that can be reached when we move down the path of treating human beings as objects and not as persons. I do not believe that there can be any justification for using living human beings for experimentation, no matter how worthy the purported objective.”
  • On October 19th, 2004, Mr. Kenney spoke to Parliament concerning a response to a throne speech. He stated:
    • I believe that perhaps the most succinct and compelling statement of the appropriate role of government in Canadian society was made by Father Athol Murray, the founder of a school in Saskatchewan, Notre Dame College in Wilcox, where I grew up. A great Canadian folk hero, he once said that the aim of government should be to provide for “freest human action under the natural law”. Those are words and a concept not often uttered in this place: freedom, liberty, “freest human action under the natural law”. When I read the throne speech, what I see is a smothering vision of an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present government that has grown far beyond what was ever conceived of in the original constitutional order of this country, a government which proposes a program for every conceivable electoral interest group and which sees no proper limits for the size of government and its imposition on and restriction of human freedom.
    • Finally, on September 22nd, 2016, MP Jason Thomas Kenney rose to give a final speech and his resignation from Parliament as he moved to set his aspirations on becoming the Premier of Alberta. His final words in Parliament during this speech were:
      • I close my two decades in this place by quoting the words of former prime minister Diefenbaker, when he introduced the Canadian Bill of Rights. In expressing a sentiment that applies to all of those losers of history who have built one of the greatest countries of history, he stated: I am a Canadian, a free Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship God in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”