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Divided Because of Masks, Vaccines & Worship, Satan Wins While Christians Battle Each Other

When BC premier Gordon Campbell was campaigning for re-election in 2009, the issue of a harmonized sales tax seemed to be a vibrant topic for people in the province. Regardless of its merit or lack thereof, the HST was not favoured by the voting public and thus, neither by Mr. Campbell. However, after being elected

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Adjusting the Cufflinks: Trudeau’s Arms Continue to Grow Along With His Government’s Drastic Overreach

Jacob Mason* sat at his dining room table flipping through the bills and the looming payroll for his six staff in his construction business. Stiffed by one of his clients who just went bankrupt, and with no jobs lined up past Thursday, he was digging himself into a deep hole. Normally optimistic during his daily

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Canadian Politeness is the Real Culprit Behind Canada’s Vanishing Churches

Coronavirus: Pick a side. Truth is, most of us already have. We either think this is the greatest threat in humanity’s history or feel we’re long overdue to get our businesses, activities and lives back from quarantine restrictions. And for most of us, our opinion has been largely crafted by the biased coverage from whatever

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