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The Race of Man born of the earth Proud and hardened humankind So sinful from our very birth Corrupted heart and soul and mind Abide we in our realm of sod Delight we in our frame of clay Dead in our deeds our spirits flawed Perfection came to make a way Yet there was such

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The song of the orphan

Ireland~800 AD The rich, melodious voices rose up together in unison. The high vaulted stone walls echoed and rebounded the graceful song. In the church, hundreds of candles lighted the vaulted chamber giving it a holy, almost ethereal beauty. One by one, the hooded monks walked slowly into the chapel, their chant filling the air.

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Elbereth,the Evening Star, the Star Queen, spoken of in legends for hundreds of years. And yet still a creation of the Lord Almighty.

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