The Race of Man born of the earth
Proud and hardened humankind
So sinful from our very birth
Corrupted heart and soul and mind

Abide we in our realm of sod
Delight we in our frame of clay
Dead in our deeds our spirits flawed
Perfection came to make a way

Yet there was such a price to bear!
As none but Him could ‘ere have born
His Son the Father would not spare
But gave Him up to shame and scorn

The Race of Men born of the earth
A remnant chosen by our God
Who knew that we would be of worth?
For Christ to bear cross, wrath and rod?

Yet worthless still, our works to Him
His blood alone can break our bonds
And free us from the chains of sin
We look to Him to right our wrongs

So turning I from those earthborn
To cleave to Him from heaven sent
Reviled by all, the world may scorn!
To them I say, Hope lives! Repent!