The Evening Star she rises up
The heavens her throne as she travels the sky
We see her light as she hangs on high
The Jewel of heaven far, yet nigh

Does she ‘ere consend to to traverse the earth?
Do her feet cast light on our carpet of grass?
Can man gaze on her form, so clear as glass?
Can a human hand her star-one grasp?

Nay, she eludes us, mere creatures of earth!
She! The glory of the sable expanse!
With whom the night beings sing and dance!
Oh that she would grant me one light-filled glance!

Yet still, I feel no need for repine
For great though she is, she is still made by God
By the same hands who fashioned my domain of sod
The same hands that guide me with staff and with rod

Oh glorious one! Oh star thou may be!
Yes brilliant and bright in thy night majesty
And still thou canst not compare to me
A child of the one who created thee.

Elbereth-Quenya for Star Queen