Note: This poem is written in the style of a shakespearian sonnet. Shakespeare wrote over 150 sonnets. A sonnet is a very specific kind of poem written in iambic pentameter in an accented/unaccented form of 10 syllables per line and 14 lines total. Sonnets often posed a problem in the first eight, then a possible solution in the next four and then the moral in the final couplet.

With weariness of heart I cast my gaze,
Soul grieved at all the want around me see;
Yet still more grieved at those whose wanton ways,
Dispose them to such base frivolity;
When others less endowed with means than they,
Live day by day in their impoverished state.
Through clouded eyes they see the world, all grey,
With none to aid or alter their sad fate.
Oh see now those who have no gratitude!
Who have no praise for God who gave them all.
But keep their proud and selfish attitude,
Without a doubt or fear that they may fall.         
Be not like them oh man, be warned take heed!         
Nor yet neglect Christ’s little ones in need.