Disapproved, debased mind;
dishonorable, defiling passions.
These things biblically define
what’s inside gays n’ lesbians.

God offers undeniable proof
of His immortal existence,
but they suppress, exchange the truth
and exchange natural relations.

Though intuitively known,
God’s righteous law embedded,
they proudly approve their own –
death is where they’re headed.

Nature teaches there is one race,
but opposites of man and woman;
the only way to perpetuate
is one man with one woman.

God made Adam and gave him Eve,
to portent Christ and His people.
Anything else makes the gospel bleed
from the jugular – its evil.

Christians struggle against much sin,
with hetero or homosexual desires.
The gospel saves, brings forth kin
who marry straight or fight the fire.

They usually say that, ‘God is love’,
but themselves define what love is.
Idolatry is bowing to a concept of love
that you’ve made in your own image.

They also say that, ‘God love gays’,
revealing their conscience is evil.
Imagine how awkward to say,
‘God loves men’, ‘women’, or ‘people’?

In 1 Corinthians 6 verse 9,
Paul condemns ‘arsenekoi’ :
the active partner (Sodomite)
and the Catamite girly-boy.

Many would label this as hate-speech
and persecute me to the death,
but God does not fear their bare teeth
as He patiently gives them breath.

Can you see what’s going on,
you elect-but-not-straight, who know its evil?
The Lord calls to you in Babylon,
“Come out of her, my people!”

God has the right to define morality
and command us to obey or die.
Adam chose to define his own morality
and it gravely affects you and I.

God had the right to damn with finality
but He took us all by surprise.
Christ was sent in the form of humanity
to crush the Serpent, get a bride.

Jesus upheld biblical morality
and for His Eve He died.
Rose to triumph over every principality
and receive the Woman from His side.

Christ doesn’t dress like the church
or identify as anything beside.
The church doesn’t seek to usurp
her Head but quietly resigns.

Don’t make the mistake or suggest
that I’m a homophobe or bigot.
I’m content, my case, to rest
with the Judge of earth, whose bigger.


“Though [BLM, the LBGBT community, feminists, and socialists] know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve death, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.”
-Romans 1:32