Part 6

Arthiom waits with eager longing for the revealing
Though years have gone by since that great war 
Its deadly radiation still multiplying

Arthiom is subjected to fruitlessness
Baren, dry and useless
A pit for snakes and den of thieves
Where evil mate and spills its seeds

All of her children are stillborn
Thinking, talking and walking dead
In their state, none to mourn
For stomach filled by evil fed

But the Triumvirate…

Wise beyond comprehension
Wise to plan redemption
Leaving it all in His hands

Thieves and snakes will be redeemed 
Harlots and murderers will  be redeemed
Liars and blasphemers will be redeemed
Lover of evil, haters of good will be redeemed

Wise beyond comprehension

The citizens of Arthiom are in debt
Sold out to their evil
The price they owe is death
But one of the Triumvirate will meet that debt
Taking on himself their evil
He will meet their death

Wise to plan redemption

That death will be the transaction
Needed to pay off that owed debt
And only a resurrection
Will serve as confirmation
That nothing owed is left

Leaving it all in His hands

From the Triumvirate was The Second 
Moved by love, He came down to Arthiom
“I will pay their debt”
“I will meet their death”
So the Triumvirate initiated The Spaceman
Making it so that by his hands he will save both man and land