Protectors use it for security 
Keeping the wild from the family 
Protection from the enemy 
A friend to destiny 

Hunters use it for food or sport 
We can debate intentions and morality 
But that is to be settled in court
Either way, effective despise its legality

A snare is a trap that stops progress 
It drains all hope and keeps the captive enslaved 
Slowly wraps using energy and stress 
To tighten the rope; its grip on the prey 

Sin is a snare set before you
It used desire and stress as it grew  
A rope that wraps itself around your neck
To turn your travels into a shipwreck 

Once insnared, the captive is helpless 
For incapable to untighten the grip 
As to its mechanism, our nature is useless.
Thus in need of His deliverance and fairness 
To save us from sin and untie the grip 
His desires is to render you shameless