Mind, the, T! What is up with thee?
We all have Total Depravity.
Ever since Adam ate from the tree
a scar is left in humanity.
We’re walking dead, a worldly course,
cuz from God’s life we’ve been divorced.
We have no life, and born with guilt,
obliged to pay, our blood be spilt.
Though Freud would flip, I have to say,
we’re headed for the fire on judgment day,
because our thoughts are vain, for sin we strain,
and we’ll only be healed if we’re born again –
but not just that, finally affected,
the regenerate will need to be resurrected.

U! Followed by L-I-P,
the U doesn’t mean He loves me for me.
Unconditional Election, His sovereign choice,
of who’s gonna hear and believe His voice.
Not hard to see, don’t scratch your head,
it actually makes sense if in sin your dead,
cuz the only thing He’d see from eternity
is you choosing sin. That’s what’s up with thee.
Now God is impartial, He don’t recognize your face,
see this is the doctrine of Amazing Grace!
Our will is bound, our mind unsound,
if it weren’t for election, we’d never be found.
But praise God He predestined men to hallow His name,
cuz God is most concerned with His glory and fame!

L! Like el-em-ent-ary.
In Limited Atonement it was meant for me,
me, the elect, His sacrificial death,
not just as applied but that’s why He was sent.
From heaven He came, to seek out His bride,
with His own blood He bought her and for her life He died.
But why would it say, “God so loved the world?”
Well, context will tell what it means by world.
It doesn’t mean the world for how big it is,
but the theological world of how bad it is.
A place like this, full of dirty sinners.
Christ died for all whom the Father chose to give Him.
This has massive impact for all of our lives,
especially how husbands are to love their wives.

I! Not my eye or me,
Irresistible Grace, just taste and you’ll see!
By nature we’re dead, our will is not free,
so God must do the work He expects of me.
The word goes out, calls all to repent,
but rejection of God is our natural bent,
so He draws the elect, its secret and silent,
and grants new life in a work of sweet violence.
The soul then responds, freely no doubt,
cuz its been liberated. Raise a glorious shout!
Hooray(!) for the God who in infinite wisdom
turns a valley of bones into a valley of vision.
But that’s not all, the effectual call,
He even makes sure that we’re never gonna fall!

P! Last but not the least,
He keeps us from receiving the mark of the beast.
Perseverance of the saints, our sin He restrains,
makes us walk all the way though our ankles be sprained.
Though some fall away, at the end of the day,
the elect are the ones who will actually stay,
cuz God does a work, deep down in our heart,
without which we wouldn’t even start,
but He keeps us to the end, to finish the race
upholds our new nature in His glorious grace.
Satan tries to tempt, none are exempt,
but Christ intercedes and ensures we are kept.
Well this how He does it, and I hope you see,
His beauty and His grace more properly!

T – U – L – I – P.
This is reformed theology.

T – U – L – I – P.
This is reformed theology.