I know its hard but try to imagine
growing up with homosexual attraction.
Normally dudes would be looking at Jasmine
but instead your drawn to Aladdin.
“What’s wrong with this? Why torment kids?
Its their orientation! Don’t give them fits.”
That’s what the minority thinks,
media and school boards on board with this.
“Hide it from your mommy, don’t tell your dad.
Tell the school counsellors.” Its honestly sad.
They have no right to supplant their authority,
parental rights are abhorred by the Shore it seems.
B.C. set a precedent, laws that are pressin’ it,
media told the mass nothing by suppressing it.
Not just attraction but full intervention
preparation for the medical profession,
gender-reassignment, external alignment
with the confusion going on deep inside “them.”
What they expect is that you bow to Ceasar
by calling those who identify a Xe, Xer.
Why call them a made up gender if you knew it? –
unless they’re post-op (a cross-dressing eunuch).
Its stupid, no, its sinful and illogical,
mythological, a beastly and improper call.
Sexual felons can be the next pedestrians
but the father is jailed and called into question?
How dare you! Its God’s grace that He spares you
from the hottest hell and gives you His air too!
There’s nothing but God’s free pleasure
keeping Canada from plagues like east-west for
grieving His Spirit and spurning His counsel.
For this the United church’s lamp’s been cancelled.
Nothing but a shade, no lamp, apostate,
evil inside and in vain they congregate.
I hate their hate speech, supporting drag queens,
feminists who hate peace get ordained to preach.
Same with every other flag-bearing shop
that hates authority, saying “defund the cops.”
If they actually succeeded, a lot more would be needed
to stop the crime by the war they created,
cuz anarchy is tyranny, not from one but many,
just multiply Trudeau by 38 million and twenty.
That’s plenty. Too many to count,
too many for COVID to even thin out!
99 percent have a healthy after life,
but they need to think about their actual after life.
Where will you be when your health diminishes
when in His time your life God just finishes?
Will your swab come clean? Got a sin vaccine?
You’ll never be graced with a ventilator machine,
since your another number, just a case for hell,
going where all the impenitent dwell.
Should’ve stopped the spread of sin in your life,
should’ve bent the curve by accepting your rights –
liable to judgment – then unequivocally repent,
instead of telling preachers like me to “get bent.”
Believe on the Lamb, apply His blood by faith,
and join a multi-ethnic new human race.
Sorry, as a white guy, everything I do is racist;
its just my white fragility. (My tongue, my cheek’s in).
Some of my best friends are black, and some Asian,
some from Nicaragua, some are White (Caucasian),
but they aren’t white, like Albino.
Its all melanin, just a reminder.
I never thought I’d be writing this, typing this,
or supporting, participating in illegal events
like church, family gatherings,
no mask and the hatred of man it brings.
I never thought I’d be politically involved
but over time my theology evolved.
Christ reigns supreme, but we should do our part
to be a motion of change in these small parts.
But unlike James White, I didn’t switch to postmillennial,
I’m still satisfied with the text as amillennial,
The Lord Jesus Christ will manifest His dignity,
and I still have an eschatology of hope and victory.
So do my pre and post trib premil brethren –
no I won’t despise and misrepresent them;
together for the gospel and the work of missions,
Fe sharpening Fe gives refining wisdom.
Looking forward to new creation after tribulation,
man of sin, and the near death of true religion.
But I’m confident he’ll keep us, my wife and my children,
and honor my slandered name as I’ve sought to honor Him.
Keep awake, brethren, be sober with your lights lit,
even inconspicuous works cannot remain hid.
Be on the alert, go about your work,
serve the Master well and don’t you dare quit.
Those who confess Him He will openly confess,
but those who deny Him will forfeit being blessed.
Yes. These are some random thoughts I’ve been pregnant with.
Don’t abort my “small child” by censorship.
In Christ,