I can’t think.
This world’s a blur.
I hate their sickness.
I hate their cure.

Such was I,
no amateur.
I still hate their pretty
package of manure.

Sin is dumb.
The world’s stupid.
Get out of my face,
you’re worthless.

But then I’m reminded that Christians are salt and light: Salt to prevent the further decaying, flesh-eating effect of corruption in the world. Light to dismiss and overpower the error, folly, philosophies, and “purported truth” of the world. I hate the corruption. I hate the darkness. But I am, we are, called to not just hate it, but fight it back, graciously, imperceptibly, vividly. The temptation is to let the world leech our saltiness and intentionally hide our radiance.

Sin is the virus,
the gospel and Christianity is the cure,
liberalism is one of the enemies to be crushed under Christ’s feet…
and the world will be all the freer for it.