O God, please grant repentance to this whole nation!
Pour out Your Spirit of grace and supplication!
Take away the ungodly from our midst
with all their aphorisms, rally cries, and fists.
Declare what is right through Your chosen men
appointed to herald the truth of Christ’s salvation.
Bend this nation! Bend Trudeau! End this tyranny!
Grant it to these souls to come with weeping plenty.

O God, make the dead alive again
and open up the gates of heaven.
O Desire of Nations come and judge,
but first restore the church’s former glory!
Set up a banner on the earth, a light to the nations;
distil the dew of heaven and grace each Sunday sermon.
Bless the work of preachers’ hands, bless the work of missions!
Take away the rod of man and teach them they are but men.
Undo the Devil’s lies to us and call for restitution
of old-time, holy, Bible, gospel religion!
Give us repentance, Lord, or this country’s dead!
Give us all contrite hearts with faith in Christ the church’s true Head!