It’s never been lack of opportunity holding me back from Him, but it’s always faithless desire which leads me into sin. I want because I want to spend grace on myself when I should be yearning to put my ambitions on the shelf; if I’m a member of the body then I should work to help. Yet here I am again, disappointed because of sin. Not a sin of impulse, nor a sin of flesh. But a sin within my heart which demands to be refreshed. It’s not an act that I am doing with hands or mind or eyes, but the sin is as my heartbeat: to never even try.

Even so, God truly gives more grace to those who call on Him. He truly guides us by the hand and fills us to the brim. Day-by-day His Spirit is filling me and even if I don’t know it, His efforts can be seen. By the grace of God I am what I am — chosen, child, cherished, atoned for by the Lamb. He gives more grace and gives more faith as a gift come from God. May I see His days and not be revealed as a fraud. My failings are not from faith, so they cannot please my Lord. But thanks be to Christ that His Word is sharper sword!

Failings are rampant in my heart of hearts. If I’m honest, failing is natural like a craftsman in his art. Talent plus ambition and a heaping hope of skill will render every layman as an artist whose work could give you chills. In the epistle called 1st John, the Apostle calls it “practice.” The Greek word is “poieō” (“poy-ehh-oh”) which is done by saints or actors. To the first, “poieō” righteousness to show Christ ruling you. The latter must “poieō” sin to perfect it ’til it’s smooth. The Christian will “poieō” righteousness because the Holy Spirit is. And the Spirit of my God, who lives inside of me, He never fails to make me His.

The actors are seen as hypocrites with masks as a disguise. They’re constantly pretending to abide in the Way, the Truth, the Life. Pretenders “poieō” sin, a true sign of lawlessness. But the righteous “poieō,” practice righteousness. These saints belong to Christ; they are not pretending to know the Way, the Truth, the Life. The saints, though they do fail, are agents of His grace because they’re the only ones who truly long to see His very face. The dead in heart are like zombies walking ’round while the righteous cling to Jesus where they’re eternally safe and sound.

So though I fail and often sow to flesh, my trajectory is heavenly and by Christ Jesus is my pace is set.