From the ancients to the new, we know it must
And the greatest when he grew, he paid it cost
This moment not so new, has been a curse
To myself and to you, for better or worse

To ease the pain of unfamiliarity we gave it a name
Odin and Osiris; from one family they came
Created in our image to seek control
Over what may be life’s biggest troll

In the heart of every men, it is written
From the womb of the women, it is within
Our first cry might confirm its presence
Our last breath which affirms its sentence

Sentence, Sentence, Sentence
This repeated word is emphasised
To highlight the way in which we have been baptized
Greed, lust and pride captured our eyes
When our ancient foe spoke out his lies
Sentence, Sentence, Sentence

“Did God really say…?”