From the title alone you know this is hype
Nevertheless, this story is ripe
It needs to be told to make servants bold
So open your eyes to see…


Innumerable men who carry the sword
Arranged in formation against the good Lord
Thirsty for battle and yearning for blood
They cover the land as an unstoppable flood
Standing ready to die, no remorse to be found
Their hatred is fire, their steps shake the ground
All scream “Revenge!” as they form every rank
Every weapon is ready from guns to their tanks

At the head of the force is the head of the Earth
A Beast set to lead from the day of his birth
His rallying cry inspires men to stand
He promises victory by his deadly hand
Earth had been filled with judgement and woe
From the great to the least, each had some sorrow
Like crashing of waves the plagues wouldn’t stop
Worse than the fallout had nukes ever dropped
They called it “apocalypse” not knowing it was
So they compensated with drink, death, and drugs
Sorcerers peddled to help numb the pain
But no one could prepare for a world without rain

For three years there was drought
And three years there was doubt
Thousands died from complications
Until a man rose from the nations
This man was a Beast who rallied all to him
Fierce countenance made men believe he might win
So they offered their wealth, crowns, and their men
Bringing us back to armies arranged in formation

They worship this man, a Beast leading the nations
They mean to attack, to destroy, overrun
They have millions of soldiers ready for war
There are no words to describe their yearning for gore

Another dread man stood near to the Beast
He had powers untold which only increased
Miraculous wonders and fire down from Heaven
If the Earth was a bread than the Beast was his leaven
This other beast crafted an image of sin
He brought it to life for the battle of Har-Magedon
His power was great, so he stood there to fight
But remember this story is anticlimactic, alright?

“And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth
and their armies assembled to make war
against Him who sat on the horse
and against His army.

And the beast was seized,
and with him the false prophet
who performed the signs in his presence,
by which he deceived
those who had received the mark of the beast
and those who worshiped his image;
these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire
which burns with brimstone.

And the rest were killed with the sword
which came from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse,
and all the birds were filled with their flesh.”

— Revelation 19:19-21