Pinch of the incense
Puff of the smoke
Caesar’s defence
It isn’t a joke
You’re dead if you don’t
You’re dammed if you do
But if you just won’t
Oh the trouble you brew
Because they call this man Lord
This Caesar, this King
In His hand is a sword
And it knows how to sing
Resolve to deny
Deny earthly kings
Reject covetous eyes
Abhor kissing rings
Caesar is Satan
That enemy of Christ
A trap that’s been baited
To catch eager mice
Better to die as a martyr
Than to live for false lords
I don’t need trade or barter
Christ has my rewards

But in my modern context…

I’ve chosen to chew
Take as much as you give
You can do what you do
You eat so you live
It makes you feel good
It makes your clock tick
The stomach for food
Food for stomach
Even if it stings
Reject leaving waste
Don’t deny earthly things
Resolve just to taste
You’ll miss out if you blink
Not content without sweet
This food and this drink
The morsels of meat
Oh the trouble you’ve met
Only wheat in your spit
It’s bread made by sweat
It’s bread if you eat it
It seems like a joke
There is no defence
Gone like the smoke
And a pinch of the crumbs