Count out a second according to time’s numbers
Measure the distance between moments
Within that span Heaven’s realm does not slumber
Nor do wicked men cease war against atonement

To the Lord, a single day is like 365,000
To the sons of men, a single day is a vapour
A lifetime for man is a mist as it ascends
A moment is sufficient to affect God’s succour

Seconds, moments, days, and millenia
How men perceive time is not good
Long-term, short-term; schizophrenia
We don’t yet lean into eternity as we should

The commanders of angelic legions wait
When their Master issues a command they go
They have no concept of “hesitate”
God makes His angels winds that blow

The speed of the heavenly host is perfect
The Fallen host is like lightning
The battle between them is an unknown conflict
How could man behold something so frightening?

Time does not mean the same thing to angels
Moments of movement are imperceptible to man
We see philosophies, they throw bombshells
We barely comprehend ideas, they extend plans

The Sovereign Lord of all ordains what comes to pass
For men, their bullets, for angels, what they discuss
Time is irrelevant to the One who withers grass
Millenia, yoctoseconds, the same to the Maker of dust

In a moment the sons of God come alive
A moment ago they were only in darkness
In this moment they pass from death to life
When they hear the Shepherd’s voice they hearken

There is, within those moments, unseen action
The deadness of soul is fully reversed
Heart changes to hear Christ with satisfaction
Like flipping a magnet from repulsion to the inverse

Every second of every day has meaning
Eternal weight of consequence in every minute
And the clock of life ticks by without us seeing
Here I am looking for heavenly shortcuts

It’s very hard to properly understand time
All I’ve ever known is linear progression
But God, unlike man, isn’t temporally blind
Because to Yahweh, time is a possession