Servant of Christ, the Servant of God
Servant of the Spirit, servant of all
Weak in my flesh, weak in my tests
Weak to the breaking point
Is it all without rest?

Slave to my hunger, slave to my thirst
Slave to sinful flesh that’s driving the hearse
Strong of mind, strong in my will
Strong in an endless void
But no blood have I spilled.

What will you boast of in the coming day?
Can one boast of failure?
Can you boast of faith?
What will you boast of in the coming day?

Scourge my passion, scourge my desire
Scourge what tears away my saintly attire
Pleased to suffer, pleased to receive
Pleased to know my God’s joy
No longer be deceived!

Loyal to Christ, who’s loyal to God
Loyal to the Spirit, loyal to all
Faithful in my flesh, faithful in my tests
Faithful at my breaking point
I know I will have rest.