Bleeding from the keyboard, smashing down on keys
I wish I’d never heard of things or ever yearned for peace
The dichotomy of knowing means you wage war, or you don’t
Either choice brings pain of heart, if you speak or won’t
There’s this massive outlet to let the world know
Which option has the end of causing me to grow?

I’m broken by my silence and burned up by my voice
This is how it’s been since meeting the good ol’ boys
What they know, how fast they grow; it’s always blown my mind
I’ve tried to toe their line, keep in step and rhythm with their time
My ability to succeed in this falls shorter every day
Never fruitful in my daily stresses to persuade.

Square peg in a circle hole experience when I join in
I’m left feeling filthy, fully engaged in knowledge sin
A pat on the back and desiccated verbal praise
The price seems steep with those dividends paid
I should shut my mouth and be small in their eyes
Even a fool in his silence can come across as wise.

“I’ll throw away my keyboard if it causes me to sin”
Is what I wish I’d say before I ever think to begin
Click click clicking on the keys, just saying what I say
I’ll be judged by those words on the terrible glorious day
My divorced thoughts and actions are making me anemic
I’m tired of being a cynic.

-Cliff Tomkulak