Old “habits” die hard, but their death must surely come
Though the battle leaves you scarred, still it must be done
Beloved of Christ know the fight, know our enemy very well
Not just a Serpent’s might, but sin who’s heard death’s knell
Embodied in our flesh, unchanged since it began
Salt and Light know this truth, knowing it as “Old Man”
Old Man wheezes and he gasps, there’s poison in his tongue
Filled with the venom of asps, he has the power to stun
A dying one with whom we war, but his endurance still endures
His great delight I do abhor, but somehow he allures
Sun Tzu once taught to know your foe, know him as yourself
But in this war I only know: Old Man knows me as himself
He clings to life in me, though I shudder at the thought
I murder him to be set free, silent rage is what he’s wrought
But as my life flies ever on, one truth has persevered
While I rise again with every dawn, Old Man remains quite near
Like the myth of cats with nine damned lives, Old Man will never leave
His presence is a thousand knives, it causes me to grieve
I sink in sleep at every chance, craving sanctum from his touch
His presence haunts my mind’s expanse, I should expect as much
So I see the weight of failure, I feel it in my bones
My hypocrisy custom tailored, I fail by strength alone

But burning brightly downward, the good hope calls to me
If Jesus is my Messiah, the Old Man is lesser than a flea
The Old Man is decrepit, his master sin and death
He languishes in darkness, but he’s not safe in any depth
I yearn to know this daily, to bask in healing truth
The Messiah loves me fiercely, He wields His sword to sooth
Though He slay the Old Man, He works for my best good
The Great Physician for me, it’s in my place He stood
Jesus atoned for all my failing, the Old Man won’t rule the day
Christ is my soul’s dear hero, it is He who gets last say
Though the Old Man writhes in darkness, and though he doesn’t die
One bright morn he’ll be no more, when I am glorified
I praise the Lord of Glory, I sing to Him with joy
He saved me from my sorrows, the Old Man will be destroyed
Please pray for me endurance, that I would see the day
When Jesus my Messiah, puts dirt on the Old Man’s grave
God’s Spirit will hold me fast, cleaning me from filth
He erodes away the Old Man, that son of Satan’s ilk
Preparing me for glory, I can faithfully endure
The Father sent me Jesus, the Spirit makes me pure
With every joy I bless the Lord, the God of every realm
Now I may see His glory, instead of seeing Hell

-Cliff Tomkulak