A building’s built brick by brick
Time tracks by, tick-tick, tick-tick
Brick and mortar magnify
The scope which builders belie

Young men struggle to comprehend
The scope of Adam’s sin in men
How far, how deep, how dark it goes
Piety cloaked, all darkness grows
The young don’t sense the darkness’ depraved intent
Excusing excuses, hiding malcontent
Naive, hopeful, young men approve
What elder men should have reproved
The young men hope to come-of-age
Which elders should’ve disengaged
The torch is passed and the deed is done
And unrestrained Adam’s fruit outruns

It outruns all hope of cancellation
It outruns all chance of abdication
It outruns all hope of effective use
It outruns all chances of disabuse

There’s no hope to hope of combatting him
No chance of winning war against Adam
Unless of course, you see his flesh
Against your skin, pressed to your breast
If one could see through the hopeless straits
Perhaps he might seek the Narrow Gate
But Adam’s helped by who he worshipped
When he ate the fruit and became cursed
Forsaking God he worshipped a Snake
By obeying that which God forbade
He fell and fell, and we’re fallen still
Unable to see true darkness’ skills

It transcends the heart of man
It transcends man’s every plan
It transcends the logic of men
It transcends describing with pen

Irony of ironies, transcendence descending
A higher thought than hoping for man’s condescending
Not higher heights, no, but inverted like an iceberg
Mountains underground (think 1930’s “Nuremberg”)
Depravity is magnanimous to self; sin is alive
But only alive in the sense of the appearance of life
Sin brings death and brings separation
Sin destroys by false revelation
This, the depth of war in which all men exist
Darker still is how the putrid depths persist
Which brings us back to the building’s bricks
Which brings us back to time’s ticking ticks

Bricks are only used to build a building
Time is used as depravity’s gilding
Bricks allow sin to establish a home
Time allows imagination to roam

Think, young man, of the building in which you stand
Built on sin’s notions of the chief end of man
No brick in life is laid for greater good
Unless Christ’s end itself is understood
Eternity will be unending periods of time
And every brick laid is either demonic or divine
And you, elder man, think of bricks you allowed
As time meandered along and you kowtowed
In the name of peace or progress, you slept on
While the depravity of men flexed their brawn
“Innocent of sin” is not a watchmen’s privilege
Elders, admonish young men not to lack in courage

Courage to see what may be depraved
Courage to fight for what may be saved
Courage to see what ought to be done
Courage to fight hard and not to run

Examine the ancient wisdom which comes from above:
“Be as wise as serpents, and innocent as a dove”
Every man builds like Babel or like the Lord
And every man wields a trowel and a sword
It’s what young men fight for that carries on through
From young man to elder, wishing strength renewed
No elder can change any bricks that are laid
But his breath can encourage young men to obey
See the vaingloriously depraved, even though it doesn’t stink much
Depravity is Adam, earthly, rotten, so see it as such
Fight against the builders: the world, the flesh, and the devil
These are architects, and in sinful building, they revel

A building’s built brick by brick
Time tracks by, tick-tick, tick-tick
Brick and mortar magnify
The scope which builders belie