In the eligibility queue stands many:
young and old, men and women,
different backgrounds and melanin.
Some have heard, some have not;
some are seared with iron-hot.
What they need is just the same.
They do not need rules to tame.
The good news from God to them:
the Kingdom of God among men!

They are eligible for such a thing,
and intelligible if they’re chosen.
Why not share, then, unashamedly?
Are we scared of the masses many?
Did we not enter by a cross?
Did we not count the awesome cost?
Have we no love for those like us;
made of flesh and blood like us?
Who’s image and inscription is this?
Can you tell the elect by visage?

Hear then all you who identify
differently than meets the eye!
Scarred by mom, dad, sis, or worse-
the hypocrites within your church?
Are you butch, or are you queen;
are you nice, or are you mean?
The same applies to all the race:
you have need of sovereign grace!
God resists all those with pride,
but piles His grace on humble pie.

We offer such a wondrous Christ,
One sinless who paid sins price.
Without a hint of selfish pride
He laid down His life for His bride-
the church- His holy, only wife.
Composed of those of holy life.
Young and old, men and women,
different backgrounds and melanin,
previously practicing and giving approval
to sins that warrant life’s removal.

“…repent and believe in the gospel.”
-Jesus (Mark 1:15)