I am a part of the Bride, though my actions testify that I should have died. I’ve been unchaste and laid willingly with waste. I’ve been known.

O’, how I have been known…

I’ve been so cold to Christ, and His gifts and mercies I’ve sought to postpone. Yet, He loves me in spite of every antagonism I’ve shown. The cries of my infidelity have been loud and they have been shrill; yet…

He loves me still.

The Seducer Accuser’s whispers linger in my ear and in my face he lists my crimes out loud. He tempts me, a brazen harlot, to esteem myself proud. To make me proud of my seduction and deficiency; and, with ruthless efficiency, he lays me low and steals from me.

But, despite my little death and in spite of the Accuser’s kill, the Bridegroom loves me still. Though I’ve laid with the world and have willingly been forced to drink my fill, He loves me still.

Hosea must have truly known love from the King upon His throne. The faithful calling of the Lord brandished instead of gleaming sword strengthened the prophet into coveting holy God’s promise. But the King of kings will execute swift justice against every harlot with sins like scarlet, and He will hand out a sentence against the Accuser’s every menace.

But o’ the GRACE that Gomer saw…

She was made to be a bride after all.

I’ve been a whore, both now and before. I’ve sought after idols of pleasure and leisure without measure, and I’ve offered them every ounce, every scrap of my treasure.

Lord, I do know just what I’ve done. I know, indeed I know. All I can do is apologize to my holy King.

Will you give this prostitute a ring?