There’s a simple request and hope that I grasp
I humbly suggest you take me to task
I’mfeeling burdened by wrath
But that’s not the right path
AmI drowning in that?
I’munder attack

Stay away from me.

I’mon my own
It’s all under control
Just me and Jesus, y’know
Discipled by you isn’t quite apropos
I can’t let you observe my painful plateau
I’m barely preserving some hope for tomorrow

Honestly, I know you’ll be surprised by what you see
Honesty’s a virtue I really hope to guarantee
Even in exposing my sin or self painfully
I am desperate for godly maturity
I see it in you and I envy
I want to be holy
Disciple me!

Stay away from me!

I’m begging you, please
I will not give you these keys
Don’t you dare call out my disease
Wecan be friends in life, friendly socially
Mylife is my own, I don’t need the third degree
My wicked heart groans and my flesh will be appeased