The Head of the company with His Son of equal status, through whom He built His enterprise and hired the employees, had an employee who is a relative send an email to a non-related employee. This employee would ignore these messages most of the time, he had more important things on his mind, plus he hated the bosses guts. He was a cheat, he would cut corners, steal and yet thought he was doing well. One day another relative sent him an email and as he read, it was as if it was coming directly from the Head, it said;

Dear Mr. So-and-so,
you have been here for years, and yet this whole time I have looked at you with leers, I see you when you cheat, lie, and steal from the company, I know that you serve employers other than me, your record of employment is all bad indeed, from insubordination to even unspeakable deeds.

Now at the end of your time here there will be a test, a performance appraisal as do all the rest. My point is this; I could have fired you long ago, but I would rather show mercy and have you know, that I sent my Son down to your department. He though equal status with me wore the whole employee garment, untarnished obedience was all He ever showed, a perfect track record keeping my code of ethics. From every employee I expect this, but I fired Him for the sake of people like you, who having nothing good to show in all that they think, say and do, three days later I rehired Him and brought Him up to my floor, back to the spot which He had rightfully before.

I make a proposal to you today So-and-so. This  is a limited time offer so don’t be postponed, stop this insubordination- turn from it all, accept My Son’s work for you as done and then call, upon Me trusting only what He has done. I will then transfer your track record to My Son’s, yours will be in His file and His will be in yours, I will thereafter look at you as I do Him of course, you still remain an employee and never share My status, but the certain hope at the end of your PA will be gladness.