We sin against the Christ, sin against the Word
Sin against the greatest news that we have ever heard

Sin on the wood, sin in the nails
Sin by the bloody “thwack” of the nine-tails
Sin in their words, sin in their spit
Sin of their blindfold as He was hit
Sin in His arrest, sin by his betrayal
Sin is the betrayer’s kiss as a bill-of-sale

He sins against the Christ, sins against the Word
Sins against God whom he’s never not heard

Sin in Satan’s motive, sin in Adam’s deed
Sin is the inheritance for all of Adam’s seed
Sin by a serpent, sin by eating from the tree
Sin is the shamed man hiding under leaves
Sin in Satan’s pride, sin in Adam’s Fall
Sin begat the curse for the Serpent’s belly crawl

They sin against the Christ, sin against His Word
Sin against the only Lord and His holy wrath’s incurred

Sin in the taste, sin to rebel
Sin is alive and well in every blood cell
Sin by the fruit, sin is without sense
Sin is at the heart of every disobedience
Sin has funded wrath, sin’s slave is Adam’s sons
Sin is only atoned by the gift of God the Son

Expose the sin to light, expose all sin to Christ
Expose Adam’s sons to the Son who offers Life