I present to you an exercise in discernment. References are cited at the end of the article.

For every new and untested concept presented in our age, we must exercise a dramatically more sincere and observant level of discernment (1). If you’re convinced that the world, the flesh, and the Devil are content to promote sin (2) only through the medium of open spirituality, you are wrong. Everything in this life which even has a taste of evil is tainted by sin: politics, spirituality, cultural, theology, ideology–everything (3).

The Devil and his fallen angels (4) are pragmatists. They have no knowledge of the future except what is written in God’s word, so their actions are functional in that they “do what works.” Satan is an excellent pragmatist because he is an excellent predictor of the actions of men. His ability to predict the actions of men are a result of his corrupting global influence (5) and ability to observe humanity over the millennia (6). Additionally, God’s establishment of a cause-and-effect, reaping-and-sowing principle (7) in the universe is leveraged by demons. They can, and have, played the long-game toward the eradication of the image of God (8), Imago Dei (9), in mankind and truth, God’s word and the plain reality God reveals to men through creation (10). This “long-game” generates thousands of years of planning and ideological coordination into ages focused on completing Beelzebul’s pragmatic goal of the destruction of mankind. For example…

Justice is that which God deems equitable concerning the actions, inactions, attitudes, and motivations of men (11). Since justice finds its meaning in relation to God’s perspective of equity (12), justice is a “whole” and cannot be compartmentalized. A “whole” because it is God’s perspective alone that dictates whether something is just or not (13). God’s perspective of justice is related to His glory and is therefore binary: something either gives Him glory, or it does not (14). That which does not magnify God’s glory is not good. Accordingly, justice is a concept which is applicable to every moral being in creation, regardless of that being’s agreement of what is or isn’t just (15).

There is only one “justice” which is of God, of which all mankind is accountable. To compartmentalize true justice is to detract from the weight of it, which reduces the impact men ought to feel under that weight. The so-called “social justice” movement’s focus on “systemic racism” is an example of Satan’s warring.

“Systemic racism” is the idea that racism is inherent in all forms of society because racist individuals formed the systems that form the society; therefore, if a racist person creates a system, that system’s origin is racism, and the system naturally promotes its founder’s racism. Then the term “unconscious bias” comes into play; this means if you agree with something which originates from a racist, you agree with the racist’s racism, even though the agreement is not intentional.

To determine its veracity, systemic racism from a human perspective is (rightly) debated and criticized and wrestled with. Systemic racism from a spiritual perspective is objectively real because the enemy of our souls, Satan, hates the human race. Therefore, via Beelzebul’s vast and powerful influence over the world, he has created systems designed to exercise his malevolence toward both truth and Imago Dei. The present “social justice” movement is one present example of this, the murder of infants in and fresh-out-of the womb (16) is another.

“Social justice,” as called, is a perversion of genuine justice because it neglects the reality of sin’s ubiquitous nature in men while it elevates actual as well as imagined victims of sin to the status of judge, jury, and executioner. The perversion of justice is not that there are victims of sin; we are all victims of the sins of others at various times (17). The perversion is we should perceive victims as righteous because of the injustice (real or imagined) done to them. As “blameless victims,” we should regard them as qualified to level judgement concerning the sin against them as well as anything tangentially related.

Do you understand the ramifications of such a thought?

A world wherein almost anyone can become a victim based on the whims of the elite (government officials, supreme court judges, celebrities, academics, scientists, etc.), who can be at fault? Who is guilty? Surely the victims cannot be guilty of sin–they’re victims OF sin! So, who is to blame for creating victims?

Those who describe, promote, and proclaim the ubiquity of sin in all of humanity (18).

You, a Christian who agrees with the Bible (19).

If you say every man is a sinner, you prescribe limitations for victims in their conscionably allowed exercise of rage against their oppressors. You, therefore, are the primary oppressor because victims perceive you as opposed to “justice,” whether social or other. If you do not agree with the terms the world, the flesh, and the Devil construct as truth and justice, you must be eliminated.

The second example I suggest is “Beelzebul’s vast and powerful influence over the world, [and his] created systems designed to exercise his malevolence toward both Truth and Imago Dei,” is “the murder of infants in and fresh-out-of the womb.” This vile and wicked practice is typically called “abortion” which is defined by dictionary.com as “the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.” The definition itself is a further example of the war against truth.

An embryo or fetus is a baby in an early stage of development; development, not INTO a human being, but the development of a human being into a more mature state. A human being who is 28 weeks old is not a baby that was born 28 weeks prior. A 28 weeks old human being is a seven-month-old baby in the womb, due for birth within two months. 60 days (20).

Even the terminology used by so-called “pro-choice” people wars against the truth by hiding the common understandings (21) of pregnancy behind allegedly sterile and “scientific” terms:

– “Abortion” instead of “killing” or “murder.”
– “28 weeks” instead of “seven months.”
– “Fetus” (lit. small one, offspring) instead of “baby.”

A pregnant woman is less likely to murder a seven-month-old baby. However, if all the woman is doing is “aborting” a “28 week” progressed “fetus,” then the action is more palatable. The mother still understands the truth of what happens, but she suppresses the truth to prevent herself from understanding the condemnation her conscience screams.

This reality is evidence of systemic racism from the father of lies toward humanity, Imago Dei (Image of God). Satan has developed a system of speaking partial truths and gathering legions of fallen Imago Dei to adopt language that disguises the fullness of truth (22). The purpose is to destroy (23).

Satan hates God; therefore Satan hates the image of God. Satan cannot destroy God; therefore Satan destroys Imago Dei. The most efficient way to destroy Imago Dei is to do so before Imago Dei “looks” the way a grown Imago Dei feels an Imago Dei who isn’t fully developed should look. Therefore, Satan incites the slaughter of babies in the wombs of their mothers. Anecdotally, though fully relevant to war against the truth: a mother remains a mother if they kill their baby through a “doctor;” they have merely translated themselves from “mother of a baby” to “mother of a dead baby.”

Is this minority group, infants in the womb, unworthy of justice? Don’t proponents of the social justice movement care about all oppressed minority groups? I’d say being murdered without a voice, without any hope of rescue, without any choice in the matter, without any representation for your people qualifies as an oppressed minority group.

So, now we have a glimpse of the horrors the war on truth and Imago Dei. So-called “social justice” is a perversion of true justice because it compartmentalizes justice into arbitrary categories (as defined by the influential few) with the ultimate goal of ostracizing and judging Christians, and probably religiously observant Jewish people too (now that I think about it), as guilty and worthy of punishment. Why? Because only Christians and Jews affirm the Imago Dei in every human based on the revelation of God. History bears out the persecution of those who call sin, “sin,” and who do so based on the objective standards of God. The example of so-called “abortion” hides the Satanic objective to destroy the image of God by cloaking the murder of defenceless babies, real victims of systemic racism against Imago Dei, in deceptive terminology. Only a biblical world view can objectively account for calling the murder of babies an evil.

So, in what area of life is the enemy of our souls inactive? Explain how discernment and spirituality are limited to the church and private prayer. How is the Christian to accept worldly definitions of justice when the entire global system and virtually every facet of it are designed to funnel human beings to destruction?

Who you are in politics, spirituality, culture, theology, ideology all belongs to the Lord, Christian. Say this to those who pervert justice:

You will answer to the Lord God Almighty, the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Judge of all the Earth. Therefore, repent and trust in the forgiveness He offers you through the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Believe in the Gospel which will save you from your sins and God will be with you through the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

If you reject Jesus Christ, you will face true justice on that day when you stand before God; you will face His justice. His eye will not pity you, nor will His hand pause before executing judgement against you.

Yet, there is hope and assurance of salvation in God’s Son. God will apply Jesus Christ’s perfect righteousness to you, and Jesus Christ will reveal He has taken your total depravity upon Himself as He was crushed under the weight of God’s wrath for your sake on the cross nearly 2,000 years ago. Repent of your sins, receive salvation from your sins, flee from the wrath due you for your sins, trade Jesus your sins for His righteousness. Believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. He will help you to walk in obedience to His true justice, and He will help you to understand truth correctly, in the context of Jesus Christ.

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
– (Romans 12:1-2)

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