The voice of the city is getting loud
Her perfume is irritating me
Her arrogance makes me mad
So I don’t want to stay here, I want to flee
I like her, and I am planning to build with her
But sometimes I desire a transfer
I would, therefore, catch myself scheming
Betraying our union by dreaming

There is one that I have seen in my mind
One completely unknown to my charts
Unknown but familiar with her kind
Presented in tales told through the telling trade
On a drawing board beautifully portrayed
I will not be sold on the joy of escapism
Nor will I purchase a virtual reality
I am whole and in me dwells no schism
My spirit and mind are in perfect harmony

But close your eyes and picture a field
The sun shines brightly and the day is young
You are in no need of sword nor shield
For you don’t need to be strong
Let the wind’s tender touch comfort you
As your naked feet kisses the morning dew
There is no one, there is nothing
Time has stopped so no need for running

You can hear the birds singing their sweet melody
Accompanied by the crickets’ soft percussion
Nature joined in sweet harmony
As an encouragement in your indulged passion
Far, far away from the city’s voice
Far, far away from the burden of choice
For Far, far away seems to be where my heart is
During this time of mental crisis

Would you keep your eyes closed?