I’m staring at the sea, You’re staring back at me
Your shape I cannot glimpse or see a form of limbs
The Chasm is too wide

Where You are, I cannot go; this the Chasm shows
From You, the waters pour, oceans rage, rivers roar
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord

Far too far between us; swimming is superfluous
Without a boat to cross, I have no hope but loss
Yet, “crossing” is the crux

The ground on which I stand is evil, sinking sand
With fire all around, harassed by vicious hounds
There’s certainty of death

My own dear life is chasing after winds of strife
Mongrel me plays in fire, digs in dirt to pile it higher
Nebuchadnezzar fox, torch tied to tail

The Chasm between us symbolizes my mistrust
An unconquerable foe, a fact that I well know
My response is foolishness

When I stare across the sea I feel hatred within me
I ignore its vastness and continue in my madness
Suppressing the truth

The Chasm’s not my friend; its salt will bring my end
My angry staring eyes look upon my true demise
Man gazes hatefully at You

And we know You’re staring back

So, You launch tidal waves and drag us to the grave
Hurricanes surround us, we’re caught up in the rush
You violently throw the wind which eats away at skin
And Your toxic algae blooms contribute to our doom
Our feral packs huddle close

Creatures of the deep sing melancholy tunes to me
Warning me of truths that do not aim to soothe
My fool’s island is sinking

Your every new calamity mean to rouse in me a sanity
My evil island home has always shrunk, never grown
An hourglass losing sand

The danger of the Chasm is my only hope of ransom
Yet, without a way to cross, I’m destined to be lost
So, I stare out at the sea

You’re staring back at me.

I hear a joyful sound which proves to be profound
“It is I; do not be afraid!” You stand upon the waves
Desperately I come

I cast aside my feral goals and flee the fire’s coals
Hatred for the ocean vast is forcefully surpassed
The Chasm holds my hope

Fears blends with hope as I understand the scope
What you’ve done, what I do, both tell of Your pursuit
I, death; You, my life

You never waver as you stretch to save this stranger
Behind, the island sinks as dwellers are forced to drink
The only way is forward

Unless Your hand was to extend, I could not make amends
My repentant turning is from Your granting of my yearning
An unearned, perfect gift

Your eyes, which now I see, are kindly toward me
As I grasp Your loving hand I begin to understand
You used the Chasm to save a drowning son of Adam
Islands will always sink so You come right to the brink
Standing on the shores

Though now standing in the blue, I didn’t come to You
The Chasm is Your holiness, now vessel of Your kindness
You’re the way, the truth, the life

You pull me to my feet and death has found defeat
The Chasm, guarantor of death, is where we finally met
You condescend for me

My hate has turned to love.