Babylon will come again
And in its reign a Prince
And he will wear a crooked crown
Wielding face as hard as flint
Darkness is of his abode
Darkness is his friend
But when this Prince of darkness goes
And he finds eternal end

And then everyone will know

Long are days which take us there
To the time of him
But without the prophets’ guiding care
We would perish on a whim
But Jesus Christ, the Saviour, sends
The water to His foe
Not for thirst, but for the end
And then everyone will know

The end of days is near at hand
But darkened minds won’t see
Terror will pour across all lands
When dragons move and speak
And beasts do rise up from the sea
And Nations gather still
In Babylon, their strength may be
But Christ will, in glory, kill

And then everyone will know

Babylon, o Babylon, woe to it, just see
The Lord will come again with doom
For Babylon, though she flees,
Christ’s voice will thunder with a boom
And the Earth will know His wrath
The Father sends His Son (come, Jesus)
His feet will not depart the path
And all will say “He sees us

Because then you, the world, will know
Then you, and world, will know

That Jesus Christ the Righteous One
Is the Bringer of your woe
Will you still revel in your fun?
With open eyes, you’ll see His face
And in His eyes, you’ll see
Either tender smile and eyes of grace
Or His rage of anger (no mercy)
Then every person will know

It is for certain you will know
If you belong to Him or not
But today is here, your breath still shows
Give this more than passing thought
Plead with Him, the King of king’s
According to His own word
Repent of deeds that death does bring
And flee to Messiah’s sword

So of His peace, you’ll know

If you’re Christ’s, you’ll find safe haven
His sword’s against the world
While today is day, you must hasten!
Because all in the world to Hell are hurled
When He comes to judge the globe
And you will not find strength to stand
Against Him if you’re allied to His foe
Jesus Christ the Son of God, He gives you a command

You will truly know

Repent of sin and darkened life
Have faith in Him who offers life
He is the Way, the Truth, the Life
Don’t reject Everlasting Life
Don’t reject Abundant Life
He is faithful in giving life
He even gave this sinner life
He forgives and can grant you life

So you can truly know